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Over Dorisa’s 16 years of practice since being called to the Bar in 1998, Dorisa has litigated at every level of the Ontario Courts on all issues of family law. Dorisa commenced her specialized focus on Family Law in law school and still considers herself a Family Law lawyer first. Dorisa also has a busy Real Estate practice, and a Wills and Estates practice, and her extensive knowledge and experience in these areas related to Family Law are an invaluable asset to all of the firm’s clients. Dorisa also practices in the area of Corporate/Commercial.

Dorisa started her own practice, Nachla Law Office, in 2005, originally as a sole practitioner and now as part of a four lawyer-team. Before starting her own practice, Dorisa was a lawyer at law firms in Toronto, Mississauga and Oakville. Dorisa is active in women’s issues and also has the unique perspective of having worked in a firm that specializes in representing the rights of men and fathers in challenging and complicated litigation matters for a period of time. Dorisa is keenly aware of the different issues facing both men and women in the Family Law.

Over time, Dorisa has developed a unique problem-solving approach to reaching settlements that are much more sustainable and satisfying than any Court Order. Dorisa’s consistent message to clients is to attempt to resolve matters, even high-conflict matters, out of Court as quickly as possible and with the least amount of cost and disruption as possible. Over her many years as a Court litigation lawyer, Dorisa has seen first-hand the damage that can be done to the family and the individual family members by unresolved issues and lengthy Court litigation where conflict and animosity is escalated by the adversarial Court process.

In 2011, Dorisa was Certified as a Collaborative Practice Lawyer, and expanded the firm’s practice to include a Collaborative Family Practice.
Dorisa still oversees all of the firm’s Family Law Litigation matters, providing mentorship and guidance to all of the lawyers in the firm. Dorisa herself has devoted her own Family Law practice to Alternative Dispute Resolutions, such as preparation and negotiation of Cohabitation Agreements, Marriage Contracts and Separation Agreements, as well as Collaborative Family Law, Mediation, and lawyer-assisted Mediation/Arbitration.

Dorisa utilizes any and all means available to reach a resolution, and has developed a team to assist her in the care and management of each individual client with an eye to managing time and cost effectively. This team often includes Family Counsellors, Parenting Coordinators, mortgage brokers that specialize in high risk mortgages, and Financial coaching. The goal is always to move matters to a resolution that is respectful and compassionate to the needs of each individual client. The secret is in assessing the client’s priorities and the strengths of the client’s position at the very early stages, to developing a strategy that the client supports and to being well-prepared.

Dorisa obtained her LL.B. from the University of Windsor Law School (1996) and was called to the Bar in 1998. Prior to that, Dorisa graduated from the University of Toronto, with an Honours B.A. in Sociology and Criminology. Dorisa maintains several professional Memberships, including the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals, and the Peel/Halton Collaborative Family Law Group. Dorisa has young children of her own and is part of the Oakville Community. Dorisa is involved with the OPCC/Early Years Centre and with several senior care facilities to provide education on Wills and Estate matters, and Powers of Attorney.

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